Priti and Kurtis got married in a secret ceremony in Jamaica, then came back to reveal this to their family and friends on a reception party boat down the Thames. 


Such a novel and crafty idea, I knew that we would be in for a great night, and I was not disappointed.


There was so much love in the cozy space on the boat that you couldn't help but smile the whole time. Every guest bought their 'A Game' and being a half Indian wedding, the ladies looked amazing, especially the bride Priti. A vision in red and gold. Kurtis had also made a sterling effort and looked great in traditional Indian dress, decked in blue and gold. Very sharp.


It was such a fun love filled evening, you could really tell they meant a lot to their friends and family, and I was honored to capture it for them to keep forever!


Thanks guys!


This reception was shot by dhpweddings